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These are temporary cookies, which are active only upon login to the website (after the visitor closes his/her browser, the session cookie disappears). Session cookies enable the website to keep track of the steps, made by the visitor on the previous page, so as to save him/her the re-entering of the information.

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Persistent cookies are stored on your computer after you visit the website. We use persistent cookies in order to show you the dialog box, which appears upon your initial login  to the website and requires your consent for using cookies. These cookies are automatically deleted after 90 days.

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These cookies enable the website’s operation and mediate basic functions, such as navigating pages and accessing the secured parts of the website. The seamless functioning of the website would not be possible without them.

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These cookies allow the website to provide advanced functionality and personalization by remembering your choices (e.g. username or identification, selection of the language or region, in which you are located). They may also be used to provide services you have requested, such as watching a video. The information, collected by these cookies, may be anonymized and they cannot track your activity while browsing other websites. If you do not enable these cookies, some or all of the services may not function properly.

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These cookies are used to track the pages you visit on this website. The information that we store is being summarized and does not contain any personal data. It is used for statistical and analytical purposes that allow us to offer better services and products to our audience.

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These cookies contain information about your user behaviour on our website and can be used to personalize advertising campaigns through the platforms of external websites and services. Thus you see information, relevant to you. They do not store personal data and the information is anonymized.